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About EKMS

The EKMS is an integrated online knowledge platform which strive to draw on and complement a growing agenda on the Rio Conventions within the Natural Resource Management Sector and external partners to scale up environmental initiatives.

What is the purpose?

This discussion forum provides a vehicle for EKMS Knowledge Brokers to assist you in responding to technical questions or problems that might arise from using the Environmental Knowledge Management System website or issues/questions relating to the Rio Conventions implementation in Liberia.  

What do I discuss?

Feel free to discuss issues and submit questions or useful links regarding the implementation of the Rio conventions in Liberia, related topics, and documents, etc. Discussion is by all means restricted to registered users only.

Why was the EKMS Created?

In an effort to bridge knowledge management gaps, the EKMS was created to strengthen institutional coordination between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other Liberia government institutions as well as Nongovernmental Organizations that have direct linkages with environmental policies and development. It was also created to increase access and dissemination of key information and promote adequate public awareness and education.

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